Gynecology Services - Child Bearing Years - Annual Gynecological Exams

An annual gynecological examination is an important part of a woman's health care. The exam evaluates overall wellness and health of a woman's breasts, pelvic area and genitals.

Some health problems are more likely to occur at certain ages. Visiting your doctor for routine care will help you learn what common problems are for women your age. Your doctor also can show you ways to help prevent or treat them.

Having a regular Pap test is an important part of your overall health care. Your doctor will determine the frequency of your pap smears according to your history and risk factors.

A breast exam is done to detect changes that could lead to breast cancer. To learn what is normal for your breasts and to find any problems, you should do a breast self-exam once a month. It is one of the best things you can do for your health. Routine breast self-exams, mammography, and check ups by your doctor are vital.




Every 1 - 2 years for women aged 40-50

Once a year for women aged 50 and older

Once a year for a woman with a personal or family history of breast cancer

Doctor's Exam of Breasts

Once a Year

Breast Self-Exams

Once a month


How to do a breast self-exam

The best time to do the breast self-exam is a few days after your period ends each month. It’s easier at this time because your breasts ate less tender or swollen. If you are not having periods, try to do the exam on the same day each month. Some women choose the first day of each month.

Here are the Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam